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Keep Their Smile

About Developing Coutries

About Developing Coutries ? About Children
Developing coutry is the coutries who are developing on field of industries, economical, medical, education and so on. Though many coutries support them, they still have a lot of problem to solove. They still need more help.
There are so many children who can not live until 5 years old. They die for the measles, diarrhea and so on. We send medecine and foods to save them.
Civil War in Iraq and Syria The activity of NGO Utopia
Civil war in Syria and Iraq,there were 230,000 death people,and 7,600,000 refugees in 2016. Though there are many helps, foods,clothes and medecine are not enough yet. The donation and the sales of web site shop are used for medecine and foods. The measles vaccine for 50c(US), The polio vaccine for 25c(US), Mineral foods for 60c(US). Only little money save children's life.
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